Tuesday, August 1, 2017

...onto an artist this very day... and so it is...

And so it is...

     no hesitation, no constraint, no holding back
          yours is a knowing spirit, beyond all lack 
             hold your vision, your questing path defined
                bear not doubts that limit and confine
                   live the TRUTH that guides and calls onto your soul
                      yours is a destiny blessed beyond pain, beyond toll
                         known be the harmonies, love, beauty and grace
                            within your heart ever the pulsing passion to place
                               this day your vision, your volition, your quest, you hand
                                  be the GOD, the ONE  in beauty’s expressive command.

With reverent respect,
Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. ...it is so.. indeed. Marvelously expressed.

    1. Thank You Martin Kloess, The gifts of an artist ... the spirit of BEING to behold.