Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Joyous Abandon ~ Autumn and the noon hour...outside my window...

Bamboo in graceful bow and sway
Holding the sun’s light in brilliant verdant array
In joyous abandon the silence to greet
The chorus of sound as leaf and wind meet
Dancing shadows of supple canes I to behold
Among the lithe and lush leaves touches of gold
Leaves and canes in supple surrender bow
Beauty, strength, gentleness be the bamboo’s vow
'Tis the noon hour of this Autumn day
The wind, a chime song and canes at play.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

click on image for a beautifully enlarged view
Touches of Gold, Photo: Bamboo, Collectible Clicks, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2012.

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