Thursday, March 31, 2011

He wrote...

Before me words upon paper cast
What is said and what is masked
What do these words deeply convey
What is it that the heart need say
The emptiness and fullness of life be told
By the words that seek to unfold
To make sense of all that comes to evolve
The soul ever in reach for TRUTH and resolve
What contradiction is there to live
What understanding will this day willingly give
Pain and dismay may not to others be shown
This torment held within to Self be known
Confines and pretense these shackles to unbind
And free shall be these taunts of heart and mind.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Le génie du mal, St. Paul's Cathedral, Liège, white marble, 1848, Guillaume Geefs. 1805-1883.


  1. I looked up Guillaume Geefs Le genie du mal I'm still working on the relationship between the statue and your poem. The struggles within each of us? What we reveal, what we don't? The restraining of the darkness within us so we can come to the light, absorb the light, relect the light?

  2. Theanne, A fifteen year old student wrote a poem that was brought to the attention of school authorities. It was a deeply introspective poem that was viewed with great concern. The poem was shared with me and so I in poetic response offered these words. Yes, the poem and the sculpture speak to the pain of judgment, illusion, deep emotional turmoil, conflict, as shackles that constrict and constrain. Yes, "The struggles within each of us? What we reveal, what we don't?" This the journey...

  3. I understand more completely now...thank you!