Saturday, November 20, 2010

GYBE! - 01 Storm ~ music... brush strokes...words...

reverie be the mood
sweet passions at play
awaken awaken
this the new day
ever the will and purpose shown
the spirit of SELF in soaring known.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

a tribute of gratitude to
Ben Pagano

Shadows Cast Gold, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi,



    being awoken just before dawns light completes - between here and nowhere - the soothing sound of nature's passionate music - loving silence that fills the space - in rhythm as it builds into focus and one knows the embrace of life's force as body-heart-mind-spirit gently awaken and build in the power of day breaking and nothing can stop the light-the power-the passion-the life-the sound-the reason - the joy - the very natural and powerful uncontrolable happening, halelujah!!

    Love you
    peace and passion builds

  2. Gail,

    I too, was taken by this music, its soft inviting tones, its sounding quietude, building, building, building to a crescendo that enveloped me in a peaceful rapture. Thank You for enjoying it in its totality with me.

    With joy,
    Rose Marie