Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Day in July ~ Saturday Before Sunset

...a day in July...

On a Saturday Before Sunset

No earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings need she bear
Yet fully adorned and crowned in God’s loving care

Free of shackles and constraint of body and soul
Within all treasures and a found goal

She honors life in all its glory
Each moment now a complete story

And when she records with pen a line
Awakened and felt is the sublime

Who pray tell is she
She is the I introduced to the me

And in this moment of quiet reflection
She sees all of nature in full perfection

Bamboo leaves such grace of green
Shades and hues held by each leaf seen

Touched and moved by wind and light
Leaves in shadow leaves held bright

The quiver of the growing leaf, the strength of the rooted tree
Suspended, held and free

Running waters flow, a chorus of crickets, branches all a sway
A bird, a butterfly in luminous array

The warmth of the summer setting sun her hand does feel
And what is so distant is now and real

At a round wood crafted table she taken to rest
And marvels when catching sight of a bird returning to nest

An airplane above a distant roar
She thinks of how man sets himself to soar

Children’s voices at play are heard
Accompanied by the song of a songbird

No greater or lesser can this presence be
The I known here, now, in this moment to me

The deep breath of Being in great abound
On a Saturday before sunset the I has found.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Wind and Light, Watercolor, Skyscapes, Rose Marie Raccioppi,


  1. Hi RoseMarie-

    And I wold venture that the beautiful "I" found was found many generations ago - in the oldest of souls passed on in time to the "I" now found - this day - in all her glory and perfection - passion and blends of natural beauty - colors and desires - oh yes - generations have passed through to this "I" now found.

    Love to you the "I"
    peace and hope.....

  2. Dearest Gail, and it is most certainly that 'I' that reaches out to you with blessings of health, healing, and joy to be ever known.

    How are you and how is MOM? Do keep me posted. Prayers and hugs...

    Rose Marie

  3. Hi ROseMArie-

    I am still in the midst of this healing cnallenge - some days are better than others. ONe step at a time. My Mom is back in the hospital. She filled with fluid again. Hopefully she can start dialysis while there. I just want to be able to go see her - I am going Wednesday. I will make it, I promise.

    Love to you
    peace and hope......