Friday, July 16, 2010

Ever Present Rapture

A knowing wise, a PRESENCE from which I ne'er depart
This within the deep chambers of my heart
Galaxies and vistas both near and far
Wondrous be the light of each brilliant star
Creations ever present rapture to enfold
Beauty be Creation's story now and ever told.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Astronomy Picture of the Day:


  1. Sorry about that. Somehow the message got scrambled. I tried to say: So many fabulous images come now from deep space - and here with moving words to match.

  2. Oh this deep fragrance,
    Oh, this presence
    Come, I want to kiss your hands.
    and touch your barefoot.

  3. I love this one Rosie...... I feel that beautiful heart opening even more. ........LOVE....... that is what I feel in your words. SUCH LIGHTNESS I FEEL.
    I feel great joy reading this...... really. Hmmm. Different this one m'lady of the moon.

  4. Dave, Your visit received with loving gratitude. Yes, many an inspired word from vistas afar. May this find you well. Thank you ever so kindly.

  5. Guthema, What Rumi spoke you have heard and so is shared a soulful word.

  6. Clare, YES, indeed Spirit enjoying a heartfelt journey.

  7. This so beautiful...your poetry is always amazing! You are an inspiration to many!

  8. Carrie, I so appreciate your visit and your most kind words. Thank You for all you express and share.