Sunday, July 25, 2010

Albrecht Durer at the Morgan Library and Museum and I in poetic response: Albrecht Duer’s Melencolia

What confusion, deception, melancholy hovers in heart
From what innocence and faith do you depart
Symbols of knowing in great abound
What is yet to understand, what is yet to be found
Calipers, scales, hourglass, numbers, tools of many a kind
To measure space, time, be they symboled prompts of mind
Functions, forms, objects, tools at hand
What is yet to be within Spirit’s command
Crowned in laurel, wings at rest
Wherein lies the unanswered quest
What deliberation, question or pending plea
What hankering of heart for such melancholy
Mournful feelings known in moments of perceived pain
It is the wretched feeling when shadowed by the inane
Wings alight, mind in knowing pursuit, soul in Spirit’s array
And quelled be the melancholy that darkened the day
With calm resolve, heed I inspiration’s call divine
And newly decreed be joy, the knowing and doing sublime.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Melencolia I, 1514, Engraving, Albrecht Dürer, German, 1471–1528.
click on image for larger view
On Exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum
May 18 through September 11, 2010



    First, may I ask - are you able to 'read/understand the 'symbol' comment above? I havce seen others like it and have NO idea what they are saying.

    Now, of this complicated image and detailed poetic words of life - I am unsettled in its embrace as I recall times that felt like this looks - the chaos, the clutter, the broken scattered pieces, surrounded by junk far from the light and security of a calm shore - despair and fear and not knowing where or how to begin to sift through the rubble. Fascinating impact.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  2. Yes, Gail, it is that very "Fascinating impact." that mirrors so much of what we experience and our need to put all in a meaningful perspective. The symbolism and metaphor, as real today as it was when Duer created this in 1514.

    Part to wholes - chaos to order - the many to ONE.

    Love ever on to you,
    Rose Marie