Saturday, April 10, 2010

And So I Read

And so I read of lands near and far
Of voyages of the sea guided by a star
And you dear child will come to hear
Of travels of peril and times of fear
What man has done for gain and pleasure
What is gathered as spoils and as treasure
And tell you of Lords, Barons and Royalty fine
The Kings and Queens of days of past time
There will be stories of gardens and fields in bloom
Of love, grace, sunrises, sunsets and a crescent moon
Of stars and galaxies in vistas far and wide
Of oceans, ebb and flow and constant the changing tide
Of times of tears, despair, question, doubt, concern
And then the understanding, the resolve, the lesson in turn
Upon pages there be recorded words of longing and desire
Passions known to light the depths of soul's fire
Yes, dear child, these marks speak many a word
Within be found a calling, eternal Spirit be heard.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Auguste Reading To Her Daughter, Oil on canvas, 1910, Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926.

In Gratitude to
Chris Strawbridge
his generosity of heart and spirit
his faith in inspiration shared.

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  1. Rosie, I FEEL your heart so true. Especially today. That was such a beautiful poem. Story. Travel back in time is never easy to find the truth. The truth always affects the present........ and freedom rings when you see things for what it really is. I love you love. I feel it so deeply. Today was a day! Thank you for taking the ride. I know all the journeys you have ridden. I learned one about my father.... as my husband faced the truth of his today. I love you. Your words.... so comforting as I type in this Ohio hotel room.... so far from home.

  2. strawberryelohist - thank you for the pleasing smile!

  3. Dear Clare... A story told, her story, his story, their story, and from threads of all, our story woven anew...

  4. And.. my eyes got glued on the pictures she painted in the air! Beautiful!!

  5. Tamarind, Those moments when words heard become visions...yes, this reverie ever beautiful - a sounding in creation's enfold.