Friday, March 19, 2010

Our work as ONE

There shall be a rising sun
And known be our work as ONE
We with perspectives in dedication
Life and purpose imbued with Creation
Wisdom gathered from many wise
The art of ALL a treasured prize
Beauty, strength and grace, a body behold
Health, prosperity, and blessings BE the story told.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

To my three sons
Patrick, Charles and Christopher
In loving faith,

Asklepios, or Asclepius (Ἀσκληπιός, Ασκληπιός) (or in Roman Aesculapius),
god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology.

Musei Vaticani, State of the Vatican City, Artist/Maker Unknown
Asklepios. Marble, Roman copy after a Greek original of the 5th century BC.
The inscription on the plinth indicates the statuette to be a votive gift.

Credit line From the Vicolo dei Leutari in Rome, 1783
Location Museo Chiaramonti


  1. Each one of my sons, in my conversation with them this very day, brought me to a deep place of gratitude, faith and love. The words of this poem came as I reflected that each of us hold to very similar intentions, to create, to provide, to adhere to practices and perspectives that promote health and well being. And so the selection of words and image, "Our Work as ONE," to express blessings bestowed.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and spending these moments with me. (( ♥ )) .


    Oh to be inspired, taught and gifted by our children - there is no greater blessing

    Love Gail

  3. Thank you Gail. I know you live this joy in so many ways with your own progeny.

    Love to you and yours.

    Rose Marie

  4. Your sons are blessed; you are there to guide!

  5. Tamarind, As a mother, I am ever blessed by each of my sons and what life teaches each of us according to our readiness. They offer many ways of seeing.