Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Splendor Ever Shown

Without any effort on my part
This day shall end and another to start
Without any effort, nothing to be done
Yet the moon shall wax and wane and so shall rise the sun
Without any effort, Spring, Summer, Winter Fall
Trees in constant change, new, growing, majestic, towering tall
Without any effort, the tides shall ebb and flow
From many directions winds to ever blow
Without any effort, these gifts of nature be mine
And I in the embrace of gratitude sublime
Without any effort, all this be in heart known
The love of the Creator in splendor ever shown.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Green Wheat Field with Cypress, Saint-Rémy, Vincent van Gogh, June 1889. Oil on canvas.
Narodni Gallery, Prague, Czechia

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  1. And we all acknowledge the boons around us, with gratitude.

  2. Tamarind, `♥´ and all for our JOY. Thank You.