Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marks To Proclaim

And what is this need
To touch, to speak
To sing, to create
To read, to write
To make our mark
Symbols of the soul
These lines and forms
Upon surfaces vast
Movements of heart and hand
This embrace of spirit
In search
Marks to proclaim
The Presence.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

avourite lines, writing with a fountain pen. Photograph: David Sillitoe

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  1. yeah, i think we adopted it from our Father...


    I have been imprinted and left many prints-marks. Your words are strong and true. I love that I am all marked up by all of life's experiences. Some I wished away, but then I wouldn't be real!! Each mark upon me and each mark I have left on someone or something are of great importance - life is important - worth sustaining - worth marking - worth truth - YOU have marked me and it is permanent and I love the "mark of RoseMarie".

    Love Gail

  3. Love this poem Rose Marie. So true that we have this innate push to express the creative and the divine.

  4. Rose Marie..... what is that burning need? Sometimes so joyous, other times brutal. That need to express ourselves from the deepest part of our souls. Your words speak for many, my beauty, who have had those words stuck in their throats. That pen shaky in their hand. A song .....
    the melody haunting ....... I love each and every time I read your STORIES,
    they are a story, a road map of your life experiences. You so kindly share with all of us. It gets dark and foggy sometimes, little love! Thanks for the lamp..... always lit and welcoming.

  5. Dearest Gail, And so we orchestrate the music we create and share - the soul's song... with you ever in loving friendship...

  6. Bonnie, And you dear Bonnie so much the voice and the BEING of, "the creative and the divine."

  7. Clare, yours is the passion, the fire and the flame of alchemy - you are the change you create. I stand in witness to the magic of your BEING - absolved and free.