Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thunderous Awakening

In the castle of my mind
In the kingdom of my soul
A thunderous awakening is what I feel
All thought and vision pulsing real
Lightning strikes deep within
Echoing Spirit to deafen the din
A resounding plea in heart be heard
A calling, a calling for TRUTH'S Word.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Warkworth Castle, Northumberland, Thunder Storm Approaching at Sun-Set, 1799, Watercolor on paper, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK,
Joseph Mallord William Turner, English, 1775–1851.

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for anyone who enjoys the play of words

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
~Robert Frost
and so the echoes of heart, soul, and quest, be heard...

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    I know in my soul the thunderous awakening of which you write, image - it is a tidal wave of power surging up and through every vein, every sense - I felt it and saw it in the fire as it crested - surged and now the power is reaching it's full truth and promise - a piece of you comes to the surface like razors and sandstone - fire and power - truth and doubt - purpose and strength and once realized it falls back into you - becomes part of you - in the light - awakened - like snow and rain, ice and sky, flowers and grit - to have it's rightful place within you and the process completes - from fire to thunder to a calm new truth - it now dwells in the castle of you
    Love and hope

  2. Gail, intention, awareness, attention, pursuit, confront, and action for ultimate resolve. These the threads that become the fabric of our lives. Each thread is held by our beliefs, our perceptions, our willingness. Your intention to know, your heightened awareness, your attention to feelings and perceptions, your pursuit of your own truth, your willingness to confront, have allowed you to resolve and to live fully in the challenge of life itself. This you so generously express here, and on all the posts you have chosen to provide. Thank You.


    Rose Marie

  3. oh, i so love this one...i love castles and that booming voice of truth...

  4. The sounds of truth is being heard in the inner soul. So beautifully expressed as always.

  5. Brian, me too... Castles, Kingdoms, Heraldic Symbols, and TRUTH be the victor!!

  6. Choices, Thank you. May Truth's joy be ever yours.

  7. A thunderous awakening, a tempestuous storm ... both I'll endure to attain the eternal calm :)