Sunday, December 13, 2009


Divine Arbiter call forth your name
Wherein is your power
Lady of Flame

Fierce Hunter so shall you find
Avenger of Wrongs
The light within mind

Awaken a knowing within
Cosmic Mother
Quell the discord quell the din

Feminine Divine
Lioness Sekhmet
Listen to this query mine

How many steps need be traced
Before we see the path laid
How many lies must we live
Before we see the wages of deception
How many dreams must we discount
Before we see the darkened way
How many lifetimes are we to live
Before we free the shackles self imposed
How many moments blinded by deception
Before we grace the light of TRUTH

I hear the ancient calling voice
GOD of ALL a Presence you be
Within your Soul the choice

Count no more
For this moment
Be the Presence
Your heart the harmony
Your soul the spirit
Your faith the sun
Your mind the moon
Your breath the ebb and flow
After and before all time

Rose Marie Raccioppi

this gifted to
Arlette Biron

Sekhmet, Egyptian Diety, Louvre Museum, Paris, photo: Arlette Biron.

Holiday Gift

for anyone who enjoys the play of words

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.
~Robert Frost
and so the echoes of heart, soul, and quest, be heard...

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  1. you always leave me with a smile...that last several lines carry a lot od promises...always and forever IS.

  2. Brian, Intent fulfilled - a 'smile' within heart - ever the first place to start. Thank you dear friend and HUGS to MOM. Thank MOM for having such a soul filled son.