Friday, February 20, 2009

Prelude, Chorale and Fugue, Cesar Franck

The mounting quest and fervor real
This heart knows not to conceal
Open to feel, long and mark desire
Pleading passion, flame and fire
Quiet the repose and soft the slumber
Nothing shall restrain or encumber
I willing to heed passion's plea
In all sensibilities I not flee
Each shade, hue, timbre and tone
I in your Presence, One and alone
Rippling waves of time and place
Know I the rapture of God's grace.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate

upon reflection
Soiree Society of the Arts
piano performance of

Kimball Gallagher

Frames of Mind, Opus 5, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2007, Conceptual Art,


  1. the picture depicts to me the chamber's of the heart. All so complex and colorful. i notice the softer blues. yellows and white's are at the opening right in the center. It tells me your about the peace and balance of your heart. The deeper reds, oranges and yellows tell me of your passion and desires. i noticed the bottom center tells of mixed emotions of calm ...that wants to give birth to desire.

    The words in the poem speak loud and clear that you will reveal all you desire. You will surrender and do God's will to be open and transparent. To be used as God's letter. Your confident display of word's, emotions and love for God's splendor. Praise to Him is what you give for all the works of your hand and pen.

    The words orchatrate

  2. The attention you give, the time you share, the impressions you provide a voice for, are all deeply appreciated and valued. This painting is one of ten in a series called, Frames of Mind, Opus 1 through 10. Each painting in this series is meant to be an orchestration of moods, feelings, the frames of mind that bring forward our responses to life's offerings - be they calm, chaotic, flowing, bright, dark, clear or shadowed. Thank you for your heartfelt interpretation.