Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Peace and prosperity, anguish and pain
The majesty of God, the veil of the inane
Look to this day with faith in thy heart
Love be the path, from despair do part
Streaming from earth and the heavens above
Enduring abundance and God’s complete love
No limitation upon thy spirit thy soul
One with God, One with goal.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, New York, Photograph, Patrick F. Raccioppi, 2007


  1. Rose Marie,

    I can only say that the cathedral in this picture portrays the essence of God's work and beauty. The words just reveal the marvelous attribute we human's were privileged to embrace. His prescience, His love , and His grace. When you wrote that there are no limitations upon our spirit and that He wants us to be one with him, it unleashes the freedom to believe. Believe in love, believe in what us human's feel are impossible; but yet so easy for our Father in Heaven who cares for us. it sends the message that God wants to more for us then that what we believe He will do for us, if we allow Him to do it. Basically let His spirit flow and get out of His way. Thank you for the inspiration in your word and the beautiful picture that accompanies it.

  2. Joanne,

    My son Patrick took this photo. When he passed it on to me, I felt so much of what you expressed, and so the words of "ONE" came forth. The beautifully detailed architecture of St. Patrick's Cathedral speaks glory to God and to the gifts man can devote to beauty and faith.