Thursday, February 19, 2009

Each Day's Story

A loss I shall not bemoan
For within a lesson be shown
The night I shall not fear
For day is but moments near
If a moment in confusion's wake be
Faith ever present to embrace me
And so I with God's light and glory
See the love in each day's story.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Sunrise, Watercolor, Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2000,


  1. The picture portrays what God is waiting to give us . The shadows of all he has prepared for us as He unveils His light. The haziness of what He went before us to prepare. Your use of light that overcame the night. Before the sun is fully shown, we can see that God already finished what He wants for us to embrace. His timing is perfect and when the sun shine comes we can see the embrace his present.

    The words in your poem distribute the factor of hope even in the worse circumstances. Again God is teaching us something and creating something new and beautiful. It is in the making and fully intended to be ours. A new City, building, a new episode in our life. for God tells us to wait upon him...But when we see what He has prepared for us. It will warm our hearts and we will Dine with Him.

  2. When we are ready it is said the teacher will appear... what is within is in revelation ... blessed be each moment of knowing...