Friday, June 16, 2017

A W A K E N E D ...

A W A K E N E D ...

Awakened to the flutter of wings
Awakened to the song bird song
Such lilting grace to greet the dawn
Rising light upon bloom and tree
Wondrous joy in all to see
Nature in its expressions divine
Breath of Being ever yours, ever mine
Hold to the blessings of sounding grace
Within our hearts to lovingly place
Be these the gifts of our days
Creation’s love in soaring PRAISE.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York


  1. Yes, yes. yes... the song of our soul.

    1. S O U L ... heed its call on to You ... Spirit, Omnipresence, Unity, Love... and so shall its song be heard.