Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Interview... Blog Talk Radio... Words indeed...The Vibration & True Meaning Of Words

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You are invited to listen to an interview that speaks to the power we bring to words and the intention that motivates our communications. Your comments are most welcomed. This is the first of a planned series of interviews. Ivan has launched what he envisions to be an ongoing dialogue. Do join in with your responses. 

This the interviewer's introduction:

"We use words everyday.  Most people don't think about words.  We simply use words.
However, every word has a vibration and a hidden meaning.   Today's episode is about the true meaning of words.
I will have many more episodes on this topic and I encourage listeners to call / write in with their own words.
In this episode.......... we started off with a common phrase.  The phrase is:  "You Made Me" as in "You Made Me Mad" etc..........
Nobody can "Make" you mad.  In order for that to happen, you must resign your power.
You are powerful and nobody can "Make" you feel mad, sad or weird.
You choose to feel that way.  This and other words and phrases are explored in this episode.
Thanks for listening in  :  )

Here is the link to an interview that was featured on blogtalk radio on July 1st.

Thank You for your endearing interest.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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