Thursday, October 11, 2012

There Is

By perceiving your own beauty, you will see yourself in the flowers, the sky, the clouds, the water, and the oceans.  Don Miguel Ruiz

...and so...

There Is

there is a PRESENCE within that knows
there is a FAITH within that believes
there is a JOY within that loves
there is a SPIRIT within that soars
what be this
what be this knowing
this believing
this loving
this soaring
it is each breath of LIFE
beyond fear and doubt
it is each breath of LIFE
pulsing with grace and gratitude
it is each breath of LIFE
embracing the very miracle of SELF
it is
the pond in stillness
the stream that bubbles
the river that flows
the ocean that roars
the constant ebb and flow
the sun that rises
the sun that sets
the waxing and waning of the moon
the stars that sparkle
the vistas far
the trees, the brush, the vines
the seeds, the flowers, the bloom
all living creatures of land, sea and sky
the bounty, the harvest
the LIGHT known
it is ALL that gives
it is ALL that receives
it is LIFE breathing its myriad of breaths
it is the I AM
it is the I AM.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Arising Light, Image, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2011-2012.


  1. ROSEMARIE - oh my, the blended colors bleeding in to themselves and out with life atop your words I LIFE and I AM are most inspiring and life-giving. At times I doubt the "I AM" because I have MS and to that I am damaged or it feels so or appears so - but so too, my spirit is alive and bold and I am brave with love and movement which few can "see" and that too is disheartening - is it enough that I know and a few others of the I AM of me and of them as well. Some days yes, some days no. And beyond this week his presence known, felt, which is part of the I AM of me I will never deny or hide. Is this too my spirit alive, his hands on my innocence, is this part of my design to be celebrated as it had helped create me as I AM???? Oh your images and words split me in two and I can see, hallelujah, I can see.
    Loving you

    1. Dearest Gail,

      YES, we are ever challenged to hold to FAITH when pain, loss, betrayal, injustice or abuse are experienced. I feel all you have conveyed here and in PRAISE send you much love and blessings of light.

      Thank you for such an endearing friendship.

  2. HI - oy my, "thank you" - I am forever humbled
    Love Gail