Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uncle Frank

 Frank P. Fusco
July 1, 1921 - August 31, 2012

Uncle Frank

listen and you will hear a sailor's story of valor known
pride in service to his country has he with vision shown
upon the seas he traveled distances far
holding to the promise of freedom's star
and then with tenderness and loving grace
love within Ann's heart did he place
an artful life he lived and purpose to unfold
responsible to family ever be his story told
a word, a concept, a ship it be in memory clear
held he the meaning of Enterprise with boldness dear
initiative and resourcefulness his enterprise ever to define
this my Uncle Frank lovingly held within heart mine
with blessing and peace in God's care and love
joined he be in the splendor of the heavens above.

In devotion,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

My very young years into adulthood were filled with his love, his guidance, his outstanding artistry and his ever present strength to meet the most challenging of personal loss. A hero for the country he served, a hero for the family he loved, a hero for a niece blessed by his gifts and strength of BEING.

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  1. RoseMarie - such a beautiful tribute to am amazing man-Uncle. SO blessed to have had him to guide you and to love.
    Thinking of you at this time of loss,
    Love Gail

  2. Gail, I know how deeply you experience the loss of a loved one... your MOM's loss was very real to me... your love and all you shared brought all to feel the pain of her passing. I Thank You for the depth of your feelings and your kind words to me at this time.

    Much love,

    Rose Marie