Wednesday, February 1, 2012

...the silence...

the silence now beckons
called I am to the quietude of the night
where beauty reigns supreme
where indigo crowns the crescent moon
where stars on high glimmer
the silence now beckons
called I am to the temple of my soul
where faith reigns supreme
where light minsters to my heart
where spirit soars in PRAISE.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889.


  1. a poem to reach the heart and soul and Vincent...who could ask for more...not I!

    1. Dearest Theanne, Now that is a comment that certainly brings a heartfelt smile. I too, am quite taken by all the feelings that Vincent's artistry brings to each of us. I have come often to view the night, the fields, the flowers, people, as they may have been captured by Vincent. There is a freshness, an honesty, a childlike wonder and an innocence in his works that call out to me.

  2. HI ROSEMARIE - oh this image and words call to 'the kid in me', "Annie" she is playing in your vision. Wonderful
    Love Gail/Annie

    1. Gail, Thank You and how are your words making their place ... do keep me posted on your progress... your vision shared with heartfelt blessings.

      Surely Annie to enjoy a play date with Aria :-) APOGEE Poet: Aria -

      Much love,
      Rose Marie

  3. AH, Aria, lovely name. I can see her, delicate and deep eyes, Annie is boyish, - they are already friends. <3 Annie

    My book is coming along well. I am going over sequence now, before I move on, big job.
    Love to you

    1. Gail, On your CHEERING Squad...ra..ra..ra...