Friday, February 3, 2012

Fracking No More...This be but one drop...

This be but one drop... this essence of ALL ...


waters of this earth
a Libation sweet
honored they shall ever be
the streams, the rivers, the oceans, the seas
the fields that yield by its grace
to all life its flow we trace
hold to the purity that Creation gives
contaminate not by false truths we live
contaminate not by false truths we live.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Image: One drop of rain and a seed, by wakeuplittlesuzy.

This post was prompted by a loss of life resulting from the ill effects of fracking. The ill fate of properties from fracking is more than overwhelmingly devastating... This MUST BE STOPPED!! Hydraulic fracturing is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer caused by the presence of a pressurized fluid.


  1. Very soft and gentle words. Thank you.

    I wasn't aware of fracking, but it sounds like another way we careless trade our future for short term gain.

    1. Matt D, So appreciate your visit and yes, you are right on target with your comment. You may be interested in a full article that I have posted on another of my blogs: The APOGEE Forum: Why RAPE Our Mother? - Best on to you.

  2. instead of destroying Mother Nature why aren't we finding ways to heat our world and provide transportation without sucking the life out of her! And more importantly what have I done today to further this cause...saving our planet! Has anyone ever heard the word...BICYCLE!