Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ALCHEMY...Sun and Earth...

golden light as earth shall be
rays of splendor from sea to sea
dark depths hold to a warming grace
alchemic light within to place
the sun to rise, to set, to rise anew
earth, sun and bounty blessings true
alchemy, the behest of divine spirit free
revelation, eternal light, this earth shall be.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

Sun and Earth, Image, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2011.


  1. Rosemarie-
    your creative and beautiful words blended upon the intense image are so lovely and so truthful - it is our day in to night and our night in to dawn in all it's miraculous divine glory.
    Love to you

  2. Gail,

    How blessed we are to know, "it's miraculous divine glory."

    Much love,
    Rose Marie