Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chamber of the Night

I in the chamber of the night
under the shroud of sleep
timeless moments
inner realms dispelling limitation
all pervasive Being
above Earth's plains
beyond all mountains
in flight across the heavens
held not by gravity
within the burning light
that cannot be contained
the shroud of sleep lifted
and I awakened to time
a vibrant peace
an all sounding silence
I shall descent no more
into the lower realms
of deceptive thought.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Chamber of the Night, Image: ©Rose Marie Raccioppi


    the dark of nights sleep can take us to mysterious and unknown shadowed caves - often taking our breath away as we awake to reality that we can only hope is less tragic than the dream-travels of night. Most awakenings are blessings - and the one's that are not? Our dreams in darkness await.
    Love to you

  2. ah dreams and awakening...I've begged God to allow me to dream of my departed love...he seldom does...and when allowed he is always whole and healthy, strong and standing, in front of me, beside me, encompassing me, it is a dream!

  3. Gail, Yes, the seduction of sweet slumber and the birth of a new rising.

  4. Theanne, An inner vision, a memory, may each awaken anew the dream yet held.