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The Wind and the Willow ~ in this moment present ~

Review of
Rose Marie Raccioppi’s
The Wind and the Willow

“Are these assumptions of reality/The shackles that need to be broken[?]”queries Rose Marie Raccioppi in “Possibility,” from The Wind and the Willow, her first collection of verse. The line is emblematic of her core pursuit to pierce beyond the illusory veils of the material world while paradoxically being dependent upon reality for drawing imagery to provide intimations of the “Beyond.”

A non-denominational devotional poet with fervent pantheistic longings, Raccioppi’s metaphors and unpretentious affirmations appeal directly to the heart. In this volume she creates a metaphysical poetry and is content to take her simple Shelleyan imagery wherever she finds it within nature’s bounty.

The Wind and the Willow consists mostly of brief meditations and what Raccioppi calls “mindscapes” which constantly seek calming epiphanies of self-recognition in the fleeting moments, even in the midst of turbulent and painful experience. At her best, in works such as “This Night Knows No Sleep,” “This a Winter’s Night,” “Away You Fly,” “Descent No More,” “But Can I Share,” “The Wind and the Willow,” “Swaddling Divine,” and “Now and Ever Blessed,” Raccioppi attains perceptual clarity and an incantatory music that might remind readers, by turns, of Henry Vaughan’s devotional lyrics, Walt Whitman’s celebrations of the unbridled Self, the near-improvisatory freshness of D.H. Lawrence’s “Pansies,” and William Blake’s “Songs of Innocence.” This is poetry that is designed to reach a broad audience.

John Ballard

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Pub. Date: June 2008
ISBN-13: 9781604744545
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The Wind
all pervading
one with all direction
The Willow
rooted ever in search
branch and leaf so humbly bend
holding to the wind
the light
and the unseen Presence
Wind and Willow, so I am
thought, mind and spirit
all pervading
one with all direction
holding to the unseen Presence.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

And now this very day

Perceived joy in this moment real
A sense of oneness I shall not conceal
The lilting exuberance, the embracing calm
Life in all its blossoming, its abundance, its wondrous charm
This moment barren of loss, fear, regret or sorrow
Holds the promise of BEING, this moment, this hour, this day, a tomorrow
This spirit, this soul, this life bequeathed to me
Ever was, ever is and ever shall BE.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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