Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Little Prince

The Little Prince Within Us

The Little Prince so recently I have met
He tells of travel, folly and regret

With question and wonder he is sure to ask
What draws us to each and every task

Of what import is what we think and do
If it does not hold what is good and true

With love he does tame and so he does see
One blossom of beauty among all that be

Wherever he travels he questions anew
Why do we do whatever we do

He holds a blossom, a sunset, a star
Venturing to lands near and far

And what he tells us in his favored way
Each sunset brings to this very day

And so The Little Prince sets out to depart
To his homeland from where he did start

The Little Prince within us shall remain
A blossom, a star, now to tame.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

...upon reading the...
The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


  1. we had to read the little prince in are the second bog to mention it recently...i must pull it out again...

  2. Brian, It is a wonderful reminder for us adults on how a creative child thinks and how adults may have closed themselves to those original possibilities. ENJOY!

  3. I love "The Little Prince Within Us." Really beautifully said.
    All the emotions he has experienced on his well rounded travels.
    I love his questioning, and not holding back. He makes me smile.

  4. Clare, "The Little Prince," is such a wonderful adventure - one that adults need take more than once! I smile too... love to you dear Clare.