Sunday, February 28, 2010


deep within your depths
known be the Creator's call
awakening cry.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Vesuvius in Eruption, Watercolor and scraping out, 1817, The British Art Center, New Haven, CT, J.M.W. Turner, 1775-1851.

forces within the core of our earth
forces within the core of our soul
change ever present and constant
change ever present and constant.


  1. very cool...i want to erupt and get it everywhere. smiles.


    I sense, feel you have come to know something - an addendum if you will, perhaps a buried truth that has hidden - that was surging, fell back in to darkness and shadows, swirled in passionate fury and now has come forth. I know this all too well. What has trembled and shook and burst?

    Loving you

  3. Brain, GO FOR IT!! Let me know when so I can join the celebration!

  4. Gail, Your words ever so perceptive - this for another, in silent dedication to her release and awakenings. You are blessed for all your knowing.

    In loving friendship,
    Rose Marie

  5. Hi again-

    oh yes, the understanding is so clear now - this is anothers light, and moment of darkness no more about which you write and image. And so beautifully and fully. Amen.

    Love you

  6. Rosie, thank you so much for that beautiful ERUPTION. It is exactly how I feel. Like a volcano spewing ..... your description helps me understand.
    It is coming so quickly and fire breathing. I love you.

  7. Dearest Gail and Clare,

    We each, in our own 'constant of change' have met with the demons, the dragons and the onslaught, with an ever present heart to understand, to resolve, to grow, to reestablish the Presence of our BEING. We are here gathered to witness, to support, to love.

    In shared friendship,

    Rose Marie

  8. "Forces within the core of our soul"! Let it errupt..! I wish if it happens with me.. how long can I hold it.. huh! Beautiful image!

  9. Tamarind, As too, you have expressed as a poet - that eruption of words that speak of SELF and its force to BE. Thank you for visiting and know I would be pleased to have you as a follower.