Thursday, April 30, 2009


With line, color, form and God known
The unbidden force of spirit shown

Presence, space, held near, far, vast
Paint and motion upon the paper cast

Calls, whispers heard in colors bright, bold, tender, pal
Brody’s message beyond all, spirit shall prevail.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Brody, Rose Marie Raccioppi. THE WIND AND THE WILLOW, Publish America, 2008.

Art Through the Eyes of Brody Morales
Ojitos Triste 2009, 15 x 39 Canvas Acrylic, Brody Morales,


  1. Who is Brody? How is the painting interpreted?

  2. I met Brody two years ago. His story is on the website- link posted. He is currently opening an exhibit at the Palisades Center, West Nyack, NY Thank you for your interest.