Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Creator's Enfold

These thoughts birthed and bred
In words of musings to be read
What is real and truth over time
Are the castings of the sublime
Loss and fear one and the same
Call for blessings in God's name
Reveal the teachings to behold
Eternal be the Creator's enfold.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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  1. I thought that this poem was completed with the hands. The creator reaching out to touch our hand ; Even just the Lords finger tip in a gentle calm embrace comforts and changes everything. You words make the reader feel that God wants us to turn to Him because He care's for us. Thank you that through your words you lead all to look up to Him.!

  2. It is so pleasing to know that your intent is understood and brings your message of spirit to another... thank you for your expressed appreciation. A friend from afar yet so near...