Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Flame

This Flame

an inner light, a flame
passion, faith and truth in glory name
this pulsing PRESENCE be it in PRAISE
for the treasure of time and blessed days
a body, a mind, a spirit, a soul
a life in pursuit of purpose, a vision, a goal
alchemic be a thought and a knowing divine
blessed BE this flame of grace, yours and mine.

... the law of attraction... the accord... 


  1. Long time since I have visited Rose Marie
    I have not been visiting anyone as of late nor posting much!

    Hope life is wonderful!
    I truly enjoyed this poem, it has inspired me and I do need some inspiration these days!
    Thank you!

    Margie xx

    1. So appreciate your visit. YES, change is a constant... YOU are the SOURCE of all that you are willing to grant yourself. Know YOU are LOVED.