Saturday, March 5, 2016

M I T I G A T E ...

And when a therapist is an artist, and also a poet...
healing, and the artistry of the WORD 
call to heart...

M I T I G A T E… mitigate (mitəˌgāt)
•make less severe, serious, or painful
• lessen the gravity of (an offense or mistake)

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Latin mitigat- ‘softened, alleviated,’ from the verb mitigare, from mitis ‘mild.’

And what is called upon? What sounding does this word MITIGATE define? I listened to the student. Pain was real. The desire for change was real. How to mitigate was the question. How is one to ease the feelings brought about by trauma? I looked to each letter of the word for its revealed message. And behold, to MITIGATE … to live beyond the lies of oppression, to awaken to one’s own destiny free of the limiting judgment of others… to BE the comfort of SELF… to know anew...

the Majesty
the I AM
the Truth
the Inspiration
the Glory
the Ascension
the Treasures
the Eternal … within each Breath of BEING…
… knowing how to receive, how to let go, how to give onto SELF.

Each word in revelation brought forward experiences, emotions, realizations. At the close of the session, the affirming power of the word, and its defined calling to the listening soul, brought to heart a release, a liberation, a newly embraced ease, and an awakened vision of change.

YES, behold the power of the WORD.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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