Monday, March 23, 2015

A R I E S...

A R I E S... the Ascension, the Revelation, the I AM Presence, the Eternal Spring, the Spirit of Being ... 
I of this birth, I of this consciousness... Rose Marie Raccioppi

I a child of ARIES birth
There are destinies of grace before me
Within the embrace of Spring I am born anew
I proclaim this gift of time in expressive gratitude
It is the word I share, the gestures I make
It is the artistry of line and color
I proclaim the BEING born of God's intention.

March 28, 2015

"ARIES (March 21-April 20) in the celestial zodiac coincides with Spring on Earth. It is the time when seeds have been planted, the soil has been irrigated, and seedlings begin to form. Like these young plants beginning their cycle of growth, Aries begins the zodiac cycle. It is a young sign, the sign of beginnings. Some call it the "me first" sign, because the basic and primary energy is directed to the self. Aries likes to win, to place first, and come out smelling like a rose when the hue and cry of battle subsides. Aries loves the challenge and does not back away from a good fight. This sign is, in this respect, quite fearless. Aries is symbolized by the Ram, that creature that batters its head against anything in its way. Natives of this sign are noted for their aggressive ways, their leadership qualities, and a certain take-charge manner. Aries loves the contest while it's ongoing and has a real interest in the outcome, too! Frequently called the "pioneer sign" of the zodiac or the sign of new starts, Aries is competitive, forceful, strong, courageous, and constantly on-the-go, with a seemingly endless supply of energy. "I am," cries Aries, for in this sign is born the awareness of individuality."
"The words for "ram" and "soul" sounded the same in Egyptian so ram deities were at times regarded as appearances of other gods.[2]"

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