Friday, November 14, 2014


 "Gathered with conviction and many a sign..."

"Stand they did with determination in heart..."


A vision of sustainability you to hold
No false promise will you be sold
Discernment, TRUTH be your plea
Awareness, revelation a defined decree
Reaching out with faith ever new
A community in gratitude onto you
Time and effort with inspiration shown
And so a VICTORY be it known.
Friends and family yours and mine
Gathered with conviction and many a sign
Stand they did with determination in heart
From which change has its noble start
Waters imbued with nature's grace
This upon our tables shall we place
To health and wellbeing let us rejoice
For heard be our united voice.

In gratitude,

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

At the hearing and in subsequent communications, I focused on the meaning of RESOLVE... each letter offering a plan of action, a viewpoint, and a sustainable concept... a word now validated in each of its calling letters. APPLAUSE indeed to all.

RE: Proposed Desalination : Issues Conference

If indeed there is merit in a particular approach there is to be no hesitation in gathering all the information sought, have all the questions clearly answered, issues clarified, assurances delineated. 

The word RESOLVE itself defines the line of inquiry that is more than justified...
R - what are our water Resources and how are they being administered to assure equitable distribution 
E - what are the Economic concerns both immediate and long range 
S - what are the Sustainability concerns 
O - what Other solutions need be explored 
L - have all Liabilities from this proposed process been considered 
V- what Verification is there that the treatment process poses no health risk 
E - what are the Environmental concerns/repercussions throughout the area... 

Yes, it is indeed warranted that Orangetown, in representing its constituents and their well being, call for and approve an Issues Conference. More information and clarity is to assure a fully thought out process that may itself define other viable alternatives and measures.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

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