Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hues of Atonement




Headscapes by Fletcher Crossman

I was invited to attend the Fletcher Crossman, Headscapes, Exhibit at Saint Thomas Aquinas College Art Gallery, Sparkill,  New York.  As Poet Laureate, Orangetown, New York,  and an artist, I received this invitation, as an honored guest, to join in on the art and poetry program planned for students.  Arriving early provided an opportunity for me to sit quietly in the gallery, taking in the impressions of each image in a private sea of silence and solitude.  Selected here are three of the works on exhibit. And so these words put forth...

Hues of Atonement

Light and shadow the knowing does cast
Within, without, vistas unknown and vast
BE, I AM, in moments quest and quail
Holding, grasping for a sounding avail
Hues, tones, vibrant, dark, intense
BEING beyond the illusions beyond the pretense
Within these domains all shall reveal
What is lived, what is sought, beyond conceal
Strokes of color to form they take
Visions within the endowment of time's wake.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York

And so too, the words of: 

Philip Catalanotto
...  in poetic encounter... 
Student of:  Introduction to Creative Writing, Saint Thomas Aquinas College.


“Eyes Lifted High” - Rosalina.

The eyes lifted high as though a priest during consecration. A sullen look across the pale face. The skin as if it were a template. The eyes as if silently saying, “ Father into your hands I command my soul.” The colors move me: the Reds, the Greens, and the Blues. Thinking about the passion in a different way.

“Agony and pain”- Emin.

Agony and pain is what I feel looking down from the tree they nailed me to. The soldiers jeer at me. As I look down, I see my mother.  A pure soul. And my brother, the one I love. Take care of one another. Mother, behold your son; son, behold your mother.

“Giants and men”- Nelson

I stand tall before giants and men like David in times of old: with a sling and a stone.

“I do not wait”- Fletch.

I do not wait for man or beast. The stern face of the man. The eyes full of anger and rage. His lips bleeding as if he were in a fight. The sound of the bell. The beat of his heart. And the final blow.


  1. Impressions... expression... so much bubbling bubbling within this BEING... I feel very much the phenomena of sonoluminescence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonoluminescence)... is this the meaning of enthusiasm... the entry into the light of GOD... the sounding... the sounding... and so the light manifest...

    Overwhelmed with a flooding of visions... programs wrapped in the rapture of consciousness unbridled... the music, the art, the dance, the song, the science, the knowing, the questioning, the exploration, the discovery... the sounding light bursting with the fullness and boundlessness of SELF. As I sat, listened, observed the behaviors of the instructors, the responses of the students, it was as if I was set aflame with an insatiable fire to consume the ignorance, the matter-of-fact attitudes, and as a PHOENIX hold to the new emergence of life, light and BEING... and so it IS - Inspired Spirit...
    Rose Marie Raccioppi

  2. This received in response to my communication with Fletcher Crossman:

    Dear Rose,

    Thanks you so much! Partly for writing such beautiful words about my paintings, but also for sharing them. It's really made my day to read such a beautiful poem, and to think that my work was partly what inspired it.

    As someone who paints I don't know how people put together a poem like that, but it's so wonderful to see the end product and feel that in some way we connected as artists in different disciplines - always seems a bit magical when you see an art form that you can't do, and reading that poem certainly made me feel there's something very special about having the gift of words.

    Thanks so much, and I'm glad you enjoyed visiting the exhibition.


    Fletch Crossman


    And I in turn wrote:

    Dearest Fletch,

    So very pleased to receive your response. Yes, ART is the primary force of BEING... I have chosen to see the letters bring forth its soul meaning... Aspiration ~ Revelation ~ Truth... and so Headscapes speak this definition conceived...

    The poem is yours to use as you may be inclined... a gift of this Poet Laureate touched by your artistry.

    Warm regards,

    Rose Marie Raccioppi