Friday, May 10, 2013

To You Her Hand Dear Gina ~ A Mother's Day Blessing

A Mother's Day Blessing
To You Her Hand

A gift this day from Creation received
From love and longing be it conceived
A Mother held within God's loving grace
And onto you a rainbow within heart to place
She in colors of splendor and love
To you her hand from the heaven's above.

Rose Marie

Photo: A Rainbow for Gina, ©Gina Conte, 2013.


  1. So beautiful Rose Marie, so true and glorious. Happy Mother's Day to you. This, my first Mother's Day with my Mom not here on earth - I miss her so..I feel her and her love everywhere, still............
    Love Gail

  2. Dearest Gail,

    This post for a dear one who too, has lost her mother. May rainbows be in your heart with the light of your Mother's loving Presence... Happy Mother's Day with love and praise...

    Ever in friendship,

    Rose Marie