Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Rain This Day

Rain Rain

The rhythmic falling rain

The green flourishing foliage
The touch the sound the feel
Creation in God's grandeur real

Rain outside my window
Tapping at my door
I hear its sounding call
Rain rain evermore

Droplets of splendor
Upon branches budding green
Shimmering day light
'Tis God 's blessings be seen

I listen to its haunting
Chant and melody
And feel its loving grace
Deep deep within me.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
Poet Laureate
Orangetown, New York



  1. Very nice poetry :) I am a big fan of your writings

  2. Thank You, I so appreciate your being here, indeed my pleasure.

  3. Rosemarie - such beautiful words to honor the soothing and life-giving rains - glorious. The droplets on the branch are beautiful - this day lets be replenished by the gift of rain.
    Loving you in the rain

  4. Dearest Gail, Thank You and YES, the blessings of divine waters ever the gift of rain... much much love...

  5. A Post Script...

    Dear Andrew Weitzer.. an accord with Your Rain Drop Series <3... and so shared delight...

    Three Days Of Rain...

    Andrew Weitzer Beautiful, Three Days of Rain.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi Thank You ... the second one listed awaits your viewing .

    Andrew Weitzer Wow. Our photos are so similar with your "Spring Rain This Day". Artists who have the vision to embrace living the presence. As my teacher, you developed my roots and I have worn the symbol of "The Tree of Life " for the past 30 years.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi Andrew Weitzer When seeing your Rain Drop Series, I had only to smile... for hearts accord 💕 known across time and distance.

    Rose Marie Raccioppi ..and so...
    Majesty of Creation

    The branch holds to the grace of time
    Be this a sacred union divine
    The savor of bud, a drop of rain
    Creation’s joy be not tame
    The glimmer of light be it known
    The majesty of Creation be it shown.


    Rose Marie Raccioppi
    Poet Laureate
    Orangetown, New York