Saturday, December 31, 2011



Red winged black bird was his joyful call

For such wondrous flight brought to all

Birds perched and on wing they be

And call he must so each would see

Ray’s love of nature’s gift of bloom and bounty alike

Plants, flowers to fill garden and home with loving care and delight

Ray upon spirit wings shall ever fly

Graced shall be our memories written in the beauty of the sky.

Peace and Love


Ray has been embraced by the calling of eternal life. He lives on in the hearts of all he has touched by his tender, caring and blessed love he so generously gave to family, friend and stranger.

Most lovingly,

Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. The gift of TIME - the meaning we seek from each moment, each breath, as Truth - Inspiration - Manifestation - Eternal ... and when from Life on Earth to Life Eternal ~ Blessings and Grace be our call in celebration and in gratitude of a life that once was and now shall ever BE in Spirit's embrace. Rest in PEACE dear Ray.

  2. Beautiful image - with words of promise and hope - as I continue to celebrate my freedoms and honor my limits I hold you close and part of my freedom to "be" "thank you my friend"
    Love Gail

  3. Thank You Gail,

    Blessings and Love to All...

    This Eve in Tribute to a departed dear family friend, Raymond Dobbins... Rest in PEACE dear Ray. And this New Year 2012, shall bring JOY, for you ever live in memories of heart.

    This in loving friendship shared.

  4. A beautiful poem to a departed friend...I have always loved the Red Winged Blackbird and now will think of Ray when I think of this beautiful bird soaring upwards in the sky!

  5. Theanne, Thank You. Ray was healthy, vibrant, loving and generous of heart. He was stuck down by a box truck at a street corner in anticipation of the light changing. It is believed that he was killed upon impact. His expressed wish, shared with a family member, was that when he was to die may it be sudden... a bitter sweet fulfillment.

    Blessings and love.

  6. Thank you for such a loving tribute to Uncle Ray! Your poem captures the essence of his beautiful soul. With love and appreciation, Ed Dobbins

    1. Ed Dobbins, Ray will ever hold a place in my heart. His love, his gentle care and his deep humanity, live in all the many lives he has touched over the years. As you may note from a number of posts to follow this one, it was Ray's knowing love that inspired the dedications. You may wish to peruse, they will be self evident.

      If you would like me to send to you the original file that can be used to print out a copy, please let me know and I will be pleased to do so. You can send the request directly to:

      Much much love and blessings on to you and yours,

      Rose Marie Raccioppi