Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Guest Poet ~ Noble Beast by Patti Kelly

This is about the truth that sets us free
the truth that allows us to see all and beyond ourselves
the light that always penetrates the dark
that brings us love and protection
that enables us to heal and move forth.

Patti Kelly

The Beast of mine is Noble
the beast has been mislead

Innocent, the beast
whom created a lie so true
believed a wrong so right
whom fought a winless fight

Innocently so, the beast I believed

I convinced myself that the beast was me

but the beast puts up a front
and is not a beast at all
like a small child pretending he is tall

but a product of imagination

there in every beast
lies the heart of creation

the innocent spark of truth
that is the golden key
to unlock any door

to set one free

when he sees he has been lead astray

he only wants to run away
the true reflection is revealed

as he stares into the distance so vast

hopeless is what he feels

but remembrance is his beauty, the love that is she
whom reminds the beast he is truth
she is the one who sees

She is patience, gentle and kind
reminds him of the love inside

She knows him so well
oh, how she understands

And softly reaches out her hand.

Patti Kelly
Age 17 years

Image: Photo source:
Artist : Luis Royo, featured in his book entitled III Millenium.


  1. very visual...seeing word pictures in my mind! feeling the emotion thus generated!

  2. Theanne, Thank You ... a young heart...a timeless soul... rediscovering herself...

  3. So the person who wrote it :) So proud of the woman you are! I love you Patti-girl.
    - Mommy

  4. Ann Marie, YES, indeed reflections of deep beauty, love and the quest of grace.

    Best on to you,
    Rose Marie