Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Season

light needs darkness
joy knows pain
love knows loss
life greets death
what was newly is
cycles, seasons, birth and rebirth
this season of Spring
the play of BEING to come
this season of Spring
bounty and glory as ONE.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Landscapes Inspired by Du Fu’s Poetic Sensibilities Photo: Christie's Images Ltd 2010.



    I love the calm colors and subtle still images - I am very inspired by such and so too your words that define life as it is - a wonderful blend of truth in image and word.
    Love to you

  2. I see the plan of life...I feel and have felt the plan of life...sometimes though I wish for just a touch of skin...for just the hearing of laughter...but understand it is not to be! "this season of spring" so joyful for what is!

  3. Gail, and what IS - be it Inspired Spirit! Much much love onto you and yours.

  4. Theanne, I deeply understand that "feel" known, remembered and longing...and so we redefine our paths... Much love on to you.

  5. I cannot think of a more perfect post to stop by and say hello. I have been away awhile but you have remained close in my thoughts. Thank you for your heartfelt messages. Wishing you a day filled with magical renewal.