Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silent Night Rhythm

Loss and the beauty of what was
The winds carry the haunting call of past and present
The heart beats the memory, the lament
The soul knows it is the dark and the light
The morning and the noonday gone to the journey of night
The journey of night ever in pursuit of the awakening dawn
To this our life and love belong.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Silent Night Rhythm, Watercolor, ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2011,


  1. You have me drooling over that watercolour. That's one to die for. And the verse is a perfect match for it.

  2. Dave, SOOOOOOO delightful a comment!! Thank you ever so kindly. The watercolor was inspired by a scene captured by my mind's eye as I was crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. The cobalt blue and the flaming red were deeply awe inspiring, and so I took to brush and paint.

    Rose Marie

  3. The whole poem captured me as did your cobalt blue and red!

  4. Theanne, From all you have shared, and from the recent posts on your blog, I most certainly understand the deep significance of your comment. You are loved.