Sunday, February 27, 2011

Maksim Mrvica - Child in Paradise

pulsing pulsing pulsing passion
resounding breath breath of life
the music the music
calls to this heart
knows this quest of soul
this BEING of sound
enfolded I in its rapture.

Rose Marie Raccioppi


  1. ‎...taken I am by this performance...

    Yavaun Swanson
    Rose , just listened and I can certainly hear why you are so taken by this music as it is captivating to see and hear unison of sounds and musical expression come together. The angelic voice was perfectly in key with their musical symphony symbiosis.

    Yavaun, I am pleased that you too experienced the splendor of this performance. Indeed I felt as a "Child in Paradise," all feelings, all exploration, all discovery, all transformation... ALL.

  2. Trisha Posner - This is just wonderful-very moving-love it ox ♥

    Floyd Harper - Brilliant

    Rose Marie Raccioppi Trisha, Floyd... words I too feel as I listen I listen...'wonderful,' 'moving,' 'brilliant,' - and this be the child in total BEING!! - that "Child in Paradise" as so named...

  3. Yes! "enfolded I in its rapture"...what a magnificent pianist!

  4. Theanne, I agree ...such virtuosity! A pleasure for sure. ((♥))