Thursday, February 17, 2011

Branches Yet Bare

...this noon hour in Tappan, New York...

running waters from the melting mounds of snow
ice cycles surrendering to the sun's gentle warmth
the scamper of squirrels upon ground and towering Oak
sun's light behind the drifting clouds on high
song and flight of birds upon branches yet bare
the sigh of winter the beckoning of spring
light and change, this each passing day to bring.

Rose Marie Raccioppi



  1. "the sigh of winter the beckoning of spring" Yes...I can see it and hear it in my mind's eye and ear!

  2. Theanne, There is such LIFE calling out!!


    I was up early and the morning light was warm, the snow covered lawns are softer - and the tree branches still naked have lost their icy glaze. I rested in early afternoon, the warm sun filtered in and comforted me - SPring is near. I love your image and words - there is promise and freedom every where.
    Love to you

  4. Hello Gail, Sounds as if the day was spent graced by the gifts of this season. After such a cold and snow bound winter, a warming sun and melting snow are most welcomed. Enjoy ¸.•*¨☼¸.•*

  5. nice words......n pretty image.....
    i wanna say on it....
    time is here....when winter is at the peak..
    frozen as we becum..seems an end o our blood.. soon realization of melting n flowing of life cums...
    its shows us there is a start to an every end we see..!!!

  6. midynasty, Thank you for being here and for your comment. Yes, cycles of seasons, be they of nature or of humanity are ever endings and beginnings. As with our very breath, a receiving, a giving, an inhalation, an exhalation... all with intent and purpose, and so LIFE IS.