Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Orangetown Designates Raccioppi as Poet Laureate ~ Nyack-Piermont Patch

Orangetown Designates Raccioppi as Poet Laureate
Nyack-Piermont Patch

The Orangetown Town Board chose Rose Marie Raccioppi as the town's first poet laureate at its regular meeting Tuesday. January 25, 2011.

By Allan Goldstein, Nyack-Piermont Patch

In its long history Orangetown had never had anyone fill the role of poet laureate for the community. Tonight, the Orangetown Town Board named noted poet, author and artist Rose Marie Raccioppi, a long-time Tappan resident, to that post.

With her sons Chris and Pat in attendance, Ms. Raccioppi thanked the board members for the recognition of her work and reflected on the great impact that poetry has had on her life. In a previously released statement she said that she owed this honor to “the many presentations I have given over the years as an activist, using originally written poems…as pleas for attention or support of children's special needs and the environment. Other poems were written and presented in honor of those whose lives were lost serving in the military.”

In addition to her artistic endeavors, Ms. Raccioppi devised APOGEE, a learning enhancement system. The program combines the disciplines of art and education to serve the needs of both learning disabled and gifted children. Raccioppi is a specialist in learning disabilities and has won numerous awards for developments in this area.

And In Gratitude... an added word...

Last evening's event was indeed momentous. To share what is so heartfelt and know that it speaks to aspiration, an abiding faith and a vision held in TRUTH, and have it received so favorably, does gladden the heart. I thank Orangetown Supervisor Paul Whalen, Councilwoman, Nancy Low Hogan, Councilman, Michael Maturo, Councilman, Denis Troy, and Councilman, Tom Diviny.


  1. A well deserved honor!

  2. Theanne, and to you loving appreciation¸.✶*¨♥