Sunday, December 26, 2010

This December Night

Haiku Reflection

winter indigo
winds carry the snow adrift
this December night,

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Snow Drift, Image: ©Rose Marie Raccioppi, 2010.


  1. HI ROSEMARIE-the blizzard last night was spectacular - far more aggressive than the beautiful indigo swirls in your lovely image. we were so mch a part of the force and beauty and excitement, for hours as we sat snug by the fire watching 'The Sound of Music' - a most glorious evening and of course the wine added just the right touch.

    Love to you

  2. Hello Gail, and so it is Monday...

    the snow in mounds adrift now be
    white, white, as far as I do see
    the winds yet wail and strong to blow
    garden, walks, roads all cloaked in snow
    the morning light and sky of blue
    brings the sparkle of this day new
    the storm did come, its hour now done
    'tis but nature's winter frolic and fun.

    Much love,
    Rose Marie

  3. Oh my - I feel so close to your poetic gifts as these words sang to me and brought me great joy. "thank you" my friend...
    Love Gail