Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Guest Poet and Artist ~ seven year old Grace presents Blue Jay Angel

Blue Jay Angel

A flower
A bird
An angel of heart
With magical beauty
A creation has its start
Wings of feathers
And touched with love
By all of God’s grace
Here and above.

Grace Page Boyle
7 years of age
December 18, 2010

Image, Blue Jay Angel, Pen and Ink, ©Grace Page Boyle, 2010.

an added word
Grace loves, flowers, birds and angels.
She created Blue Jay Angel to express her love for these beautiful gifts of Creation.

This will be one of her Christmas gifts to her mother.
Thank You Grace for sharing your love.


  1. Merry Christmas Grace!

    Your blue jay angel is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gifts of artistic talent. The blend of colors and lovely lines of your drawing are in perfect blend.
    Love Gail

  2. Gail, Thank You for your note to Grace. I will show it to her at our next session. JOY to you and yours for this Holiday Season.

    Love and light,
    Rose Marie

  3. Dear Gail,

    Thank you for your comment. I gave my drawing and poem to my Mommy. My Dad and I had it framed. My Mommy was so HAPPY that she cried. Blue Jay Angel is displayed on my piano. This was the first chance I had to answer you. I had to wait until I had a session with Rose Marie.

    Grace Page Boyle ♣