Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This Her Time

No limit to where she sets her goal

Within all IS and in grace to unfold
A poet, an artist, a dancer she be
A sculptor, a builder, all marvel to see
A musician, a singer, an opera star
A traveler, an explorer of lands near and far
An athlete, a winner of the gold
An inventor with a new story to be told
A scientist with ideas noble and true
A doctor to be there caring for you
A teacher, a nurse, an entrepreneur
An antique collector, treasures for sure
An actress, a wife, a mother too
All in Presence in Spirit's view
Within her loving heart and knowing soul
Exploration, discovery, TRUTH be told
Tender her touch, young be her years
Innocent and knowing she holds no fears
Keep in reverence all that she BE this day
This her time, life, a toy with which to play.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Photo source: Facebook, BERUSSA's Photos - *** G.MARIA *** Photos... berussagroup

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