Thursday, October 7, 2010

October's Gift This Hour

As I step into my garden I to greet
The sounding feel of leaves below my feet
A quiet presence deep within
All calmed is the daunting din
From that mighty Oak tree ever strong and tall
This blanket of fallen leaves, gift of Fall
Amber, red, orange and colors of gold
Trees of Birch, Dogwood, mark time and a story told
Leaves alight and with winds do flee
Season of change the presence of Fall's decree
Torrential rain and south winds yesternight
Harken to the rising of morning's new light
The messengers of storm now silent of sound
Leaves, twigs and branches rest upon ground
Warming sun yet chilled be the morning air
October's gift this hour, sky so blue so fair.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Photo : Bruno Monginoux /



    the sun has come out today - to shine upon fallen leaves and green changing to shades of spice. The wind is brisk and the air clean and refreshing. Night will close in quickly and the dark shadows will appear late day - I wrap myself in flannel and quilts, and await my man's return home - so once again we can lay beneath the skylight and savor the October sky.

    loving you in all seasons

  2. Dearest Gail,

    Such lilting anticipations. I feel the warmth and the excitement. Enjoy!