Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cloak

The cloak of mortal clothing shed
Bared be the illusions and fear
Tattered threads of despair and desolation
Woven on a loom of derisive deception
No, this not the warp and weft of my destined life
This not the calling of spirit that beckons to me
The Great Weaver has given threads of silver
The moon and the stars, a vision clear
The Great Weaver has given threads of gold
The Sun and an alchemy for life to behold
The warp now declared in light, love and truth
The weft the ever present unfolding of gifts divine
The cloak of mortal clothing shed
Fibers of soul a flame
The Great Weaver heeds your destined claim.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Written for an artist

Drapery study with pen and ink, The Erythraean Sibyl 1508-1509, Cappella Sistina Vatican, Michelangelo Buonarroti 1475-1564.

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  1. "The Cloak," is for an artist, an Indigo child in a shadowed world seeking the light of his own knowing. Blessed be our understanding, our love and support of these light souls darkened by those devoid of grace. This our shared devotion. •*¨* L☼VE