Monday, September 20, 2010


Waters bathe me in a loving embrace ever sweet
Touched by waters, this body and God's Grace meet
Cooling be the touch, nurturing be its flow
Upon farm lands, bounty to serve, to grow
Upon fields of grass, grain, and flowers in bloom to be
The delight of rain welcomed by all from sea to sea
Rain forests lush, jeweled in emerald green wondrous delight
Hold to the waters ever blessed by the glow of warming light
Shores caressed by waves cresting mighty and high
Behold the crowning rainbow across the lambent sky
Waters sigh and hold a promise ever new
This benevolence of Grace bestowed upon you.

Rose Marie Raccioppi

photo source: Djinn Ga Fairbairn


  1. oh Wow Rose Marie!
    Your words just flow through me like the essence and spring of water that nurtures my soul....
    a place where words escape me but my heart does know<3

  2. luxford, Thank you ever so much for your gracious words and for being here. I was not able to gain access to you via this post, but would certainly look forward to our connection. •❤•


    your words and beautiful image made it safe for me to float, weightless on cool water, drifting to and from shore, fear, just cooled, calmed, refreshed, revived. "thank you"

    Loving you
    peace, hope and healing......

  4. Gail, Upon seeing the video,"The Water Is Wide," and being presented with this image, words of "Water," in heartfelt gratitude and praise expressed.

    Thank You for being here with me.

    Love on to you,
    Rose Marie