Monday, September 13, 2010

The Joy of the Italian Way

For music that moves the spirit
For beauty that touches the soul
For drama that echoes life's quest
For art that expresses the Creator's love
The voice of an Italian in song
The hand of an Italian in sculpture
The paintings of an Italian upon ceilings majestic
The word of an Italian in poetry divine
The performance of an Italian upon stage and screen
Ever the savor, ever the delight, ever the passions at play
The food, the wine, the love, the joy of the Italian way.

I sing, I dance, I jump about
It is the Italian in me that I shout about
The mark, the work, the toil, the devotion shown
Towers, bridges, roads, churches, railways, homes
The shoemaker, the bread baker, the fruit and vegetable stand
Ah, my New York City block with memories grand
The family, the kinship, the honor, the strength, the stride
The passion, the pizza, the pasta, the Italian pride
The love of life, the vision, the quest
Count on an Italian to do the best.

Rose Marie Raccioppi
2010 Inaugural Rockland Italian Hall of Fame
Poet of the Year, Orangetown, NY

All Things Italian

From Thursday, September 16, to Sunday, September 19, 2010 The Sons Of Italy Lodge in Blauvelt, NY will host the Inaugural Italian FESTIVAL/FEAST/CARNIVAL on the Masonic Picnic Grounds on Western Highway in Tappan, New York. At this Feast/Festival/Carnival will be the first public posting of people of Italian Blood who live/have lived in Rockland, NY who have made a significant contribution to Rockland’s greatness. And I, as one, will be named to Rockland’s Italian Hall of Fame.



    oh this is such wonderful news and cause for celebration. YOU so deserve this honor. I am so very thrilled to know of this award being presented to you. "Salute" and although my name is of my Dad's heritage of Austrian descent my Mom is 100% Italian and we were raised within that amazing culture. Her Mother was a "Luciano", yes, related to "Lucky" shhhhhhhh :-)
    Again, I raise a glass of vino to you in honor of this deserved award.

    Love Gail
    peace and hope.....

  2. Dearest Gail, Our shared roots, our diversity, our quest for understanding, our faith and expressed gratitude are indeed blessings of a dear friendship. Thank you for ALL you are and what you have brought closer to me. Yes, "SALUTE."

    Rose Marie

  3. Hello to All,

    What an absolutely festive Italian Feast and Festival. Such enthusiasm, such great team work, such dedication to every detail, such talent, delight in totality!

    Following the outdoor noon mass under a brilliantly blue clear sky, I presented the poem, "The Joy of the Italian Way.' It was well received. YES, Joy, Praise, Gratitude, the call of the day!!